The H.E.R.O.E.S, team 5676, competed for their first year and was a given the Recycle Rush theme. 


After countless hours of problem-solving, drafting, and test runs, the robotics team was ready to see the capacity of their work. Working within the parameters of the robots size proved difficult when a Robot Inspector let them pass with their ball loader arms just under the length limit. Technical difficulties also appeared with their RoboRio, impacting their performance in a few of their twelve matches throughout the two day competition. After competing in Mason, team 5676 did what they could to finish 32nd.



Stay tuned for the upcoming seasons competition- FIRST Steamworks! 

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The H.E.R.O.E.S, team 5676, participated in a Star Wars based competition. At our first regional competition we placed 2nd. During the battles the team faced a few set backs. Yet, we were overall excited about our placement and felt hopeful for our upcoming events. Unfortunately, the year was cut short due to Coronavirus. This was a big upset and something we hadn't dealt with before. After a while we received word from FIRST and got news that we would have the same theme as this year.